MOTCC Team Certifications
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Workstation
  • Server
  • Server in the Enterprise
  • TCP/IP on Windows
  • Network Essentials
  • Dell Certified
  • CIO/IT Executive IT Leadership, CAMP. IT
  • Internet System, Auburn University at Montgomery
  • VMS/Ultrix/Perceptics Optical, Excalibur Technologies
  • C Programming Language, Institute for Advanced Information Technology
  • Networking, Institute for Advanced Information Technology
  • Object Oriented Principles, Institute for Advanced Information Technology
  • UNIX V Environment, Institute for Advanced Information Technology
  • Advance UNIX V Environment, Institute for Advanced Information Technology
MOTCC STAFF Backgrounds

Highly accomplished, Senior IT Executive with progressively successful experience in strategic planning, networking, systems development, systems management, project management, database management, web design, hardware and software selection and maintenance, system security, servers, teaching, and multiple system platform environments in higher education settings. A creative decision maker, known for ability to build and motivate highly effective teams with a collaborative leadership style.

Well-trained, creative, energetic, adaptable, IT professional with a proven ability to design, develop, implement and support applications for business and academics. Extensive experience with HTML, CSS, ASP, VB, JavaScript, MS SQL, MySql, Perl, XSLT, Dreamweaver, Webmethods, Photoshop, Fireworks, eCollege, Blackboard, LMS and more.

MOTCC Staff are well-trained, creative, energetic, adaptable, IT professionals with a proven ability to design, develop, implement and support applications for business, health care and academics. MS Office, outlook,, Perfect Office, Novell, Report Writer Crystal Report, SQL, ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), Bosanova, PCAnywhere, Norton AntiVirus, Avg AntiVirus, Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, FoxBASE, Data Junction, Outlook, Veritas Backup, BrightStore ARCserve Backup, SMS, Ghost, Iclicker, Tracker, Magic, Citrix, VPN, Advantx, Aquarius, and Spector CNE. They also have extensive experience with network, hardware, software, ERP, SIS, CRM, servers, HTML, API, CSS, ASP, VB, JavaScript, MS SQL, MySql, Perl, XSLT, Dreamweaver, Webmethods, Photoshop, Fireworks, eCollege LMS, blackboard, Perl, XSL and XML ,and more

  • Strategic Planning
  • Systems Management
  • Physical/System Security
  • Multiple System Platforms
  • Network/Servers Infrastructures
  • Project Management
  • Business Operations
  • Financial Management
  • Systems Development/Web Design
  • Database Management
  • System Selection/Maintenance
  • Staff Recruitment/Development
  • Strong leadership in the implementation of information systems and technology-based solutions.
  • Implemented higher education/medical library systems.
  • Developed and implemented technology policies.
  • Developed Technology Assessment Plan and prepared budget including capital equipment projections.
  • Defined, developed, implemented, and managed IT strategy plan and technology budget.
  • Organizational leadership and structural integrity for network/web servers, user services/functions, and client/server solutions for administrative computing.
  • Built strong client relationships and aligned departmental priorities and resources.
  • Maintained the academic and administrative support services.
  • Developed and implemented technology training programs.
  • Supervision of technical and administrative staff.
  • Experienced in academic, healthcare, and technology environments.
  • Aligned IT objectives and programs to enterprise objectives and strategies.
  • Managed IT across the enterprise.
  • Aligned the IT team with enterprise performance objectives.
  • Controlled performance objectives and overall IT budget.
  • Software/hardware contract negotiation and acquisition.
  • Selected and managed IT providers and outsourced services.
  • Aligned IT risk management within IT productivity objectives.
  • Planned and managed strategic IT initiatives.
  • Managed IT applications portfolio and multiple IT projects.
  • Consolidated and managed the IT process across the enterprise, and defined standards and architectures.
  • Implementation of world wide web homepage systems.
  • Experienced with multiple platforms including desktops through mainframe.
  • Successful Proposal/Grant writing.
How do we get here? Because we have the following experience:

IT Executive, Developers, Implementers, Technology Savvy, Health Care, Higher Education, Organizational Change, Medical Billing/Coding, Clients Services support, Webmaster, IT Security, Application/API interface, Courseware Authoring, IT Auditing.

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