Martha Okoh Technologies Consulting Company (MOTCC) Specialization

MOTCC specializes in delivering technology solutions to higher education, health-care, and industrial sectors. We are committed to excellence as we assess and analyze technical problems and resolve issues quickly to our clients’ satisfaction.

MOTCC can deliver the following with pride and dignity

Hardware: HP equipment, Alpha, MicroVAX 3800, VAX 31000, VAX 11/785, DECstation 5000/25, HP NT server, IBM Netfinity 5000 server, IBM AS/400 mainframe, and Apple Macintoshes, SUN, mainframes; Desktops, laptops, Microcomputers; HP Equipment, RackMount servers; Printers, Scanners, CD ROM drives/Disks, Standard and Portable Barcode Readers, Network; T1 line, CISCO Router, Hubs (Switches), RJ 45 cables, Servers, firewall and media equipment.

Hardware Installation/Repairs: Rebuilding computers by salvaging from new and used parts. Installation of network cards, video cards, sound cards, memory, hard drive, CDROM, and floppy drives; trouble shoot BIOS by resetting the jump cables if necessary. Installed several servers, workstations and operating systems in NT, OpenVMS, and windows. Installation of Jukebox and attached to MicroVAX system for campus wide use.

Dell, HP, Gateway, IBM, etc.

Network Hardware:

Twinaxial, Coaxial, and RJ 45 Cables, hubs, patch panels, and switches,

TCP/IP, IPX/SPX and NetBEUI Protocols, Token Ring and Ethernet topologies, network adapters, hard disks and printers.

Operating System:

NetWare, Windows NT Workstation, Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 7, XP, Red Hat Linux, CentOS, Red Hot Linux 9, SQL, HTML programming


MS Office, outlook,, Perfect Office, Novell, Report Writer Crystal Report 9.0, SQL, ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), Bosanova 4.10, PCAnywhere, Norton AntiVirus, Avg AntiVirus, Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, FoxBASE, Data Junction, Outlook 2003, Veritas Backup, BrightStore ARCserve Backup, SMS, Ghost, Iclicker, Tracker, Magic, Citrix, VPN, Advantx, Aquarius, Spector CNE, HTML, Software Systems: Student Information Systems (Administrative and Academic Information Systems). Evaluated, implemented, maintained students information systems, online course systems, help desk systems, business information systems, library information systems, image management system, web development software, and other instructional technology software.

Other Academic Software Applications: Database Management System (Object Oriented), Spreadsheet LOTUS 1 2 3, Excel; SmartDraw, Statistical Packages; SPSS, Visio, MINITAB; Graphics, Electronic Mail (Eudora, GroupWise, Quick mail, Microsoft Outlook/Microsoft Exchange 2003), Internet (Firefox, Internet Explorer), Front Page, HTML Hard Coding using Simple Text or Notepad or WordPad, Audio/Video Conferencing, Telnet, FTP, Image map, Java scripting, Perl, WWW HTML, etc. Networking Novell basics, Pathworks/DECNet, Windows 2000, NT, XP, 2000 server, NT server, 2003 server, VMS/Unix Operation Systems, Electronic Filing System (EFS), Netware, TCP/IP; Microsoft Office 2000, 2003, XP, 2007 (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint) for both PC and Mac, WordPerfect for both PC and Mac, data communication applications, Exchange Server 2003 and Microsoft Office Suite.

MOTCC can deliver the following with pride and dignity
  1. Write computer programs, maintain, debug and modify existing programs/databases. Incumbent participation in implementing, designing, analyzing, maintaining, and providing technical support to clients.
  2. Conduct research and evaluation of system hardware, software and database management.
  3. Recommend purchase of systems/applications software/solutions for short and long term projects.
  4. Provide detail report on project in progress and project completed.
  5. Consulting with clients to define data processing needs, writing and maintaining batch and online programs using prepared outlines of program specifications for various integrated database man agement systems in high level programming languages (3rd generation language).
  6. Gathering and analyzing information for new systems/programs or modifications to existing clients systems and programs.
  7. Design, testing, implementing, maintaining, and evaluating moderately complex to complex information systems in various programming environments.
  8. Preparing step by step user guides, handbooks, and on-line help screens for programs.
  9. Analyze, write, debug, and maintain computer programs and database systems.
  10. Develop documentation in accordance with health care, higher education, and industry standards.
  11. Interfacing with external vendors as required.
  12. Keeping current on available technologies, programming languages, coding methods, designing techniques, and hardware/software efficiencies.
  13. Expert in Crystal Reports using SQL database, Microsoft Access, Virtual Basic, Database Management.
  14. Project Management and Solutions.
  15. Hardware, Software, Access, Security, and Support.
  16. We explore new technologies and ways to better infrastructure.
  17. We Collaborate with vendors to share tasty new ideas with technology around the world.
  18. We work with leaders and their staff to bring the latest, flexible and state-of-the Art technology to their door step including training.
  19. MOTCC can also help recruit the most talented staff to handle your day to day technology. We work with API, SAP, CRM, ERP (SIS, LIS). Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps academic institution, health care, and company manage marketing, promotion, ad, sales including customer services. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the solution for integrating finance, accounting, project management, and operational academic/health care/company information systems.
Network Management:
  • SQL Server, Windows Server, MAC Server, DEC/OpenVMS Servers, Unix Servers
  • Management of LAN and WAN
  • Problem solving for network hardware/software malfunctions for workstations PCs on the LAN or WAN.
  • Design and implement Inventory System
  • Analyzing and resolving technical problems for established RESU networks.
  • Investigating alternatives and researches development of strategic implementations of network components, network solutions for short-, medium-, and long-range network projects.
  • Resolve network problems and emergencies and resolution of network production problems.
  • Planning, testing, recommend, and implementing network, file server, and workstation hardware and software.
  • Providing technical and network information reports and consultations as requested.
  • Will maintain PCs/laptops/other equipment as needed.
  • We are expert in installation and maintenance of the SimMan equipment and software and train clients on how to use the hardware/software.
User Support Team:
  • Provide primary support in the use of technology in teaching, learning, and research.
  • Provide software documentation, training in the area of academic computing systems/equipment.
  • Possess knowledge and ability to use Student Information System (Administrative System or related system).
  • Provide orientations and training for faculty and students on the use of the online classroom and other academic hardware and software, including new versions and enhancements.
  • Provide superior customer services, including responsiveness, excellent communication skills, and a high degree of patience.
  • Handle multiple priorities.
  • Work with vendors to ensure high optimization of systems.
  • Provide highly technical support with any online classroom systems to ensure proper set up of terms, courses, and enrolled users.
  • Demonstrating teamwork by working with the other members of the IT staff and other College departments to ensure availability and accuracy of information and services related to the use of academic hardware and software by WSCN faculty and students.
Instructional Technology Software Support and Product Design:
  • Support faculty in the design and development of appropriate and effective learning materials and online instructional activities for Online Courses, utilizing the ADDIE model or similar instructional design model.
  • • Acquiring knowledge of current technological developments/trends in area of expertise, and demonstrates ability to utilize and support different academic software applications.
  • Implementing online learning standards such as basic online readability, chunking of materials, integration of learning/cognition research, designing for multiple learning styles.
  • Integrating of materials in compliance with copyright laws, ability to research, and explain options to faculty.
  • Online classroom technologies, including online discussion areas, developing online tests and testbanks, setup and operation of online gradebook, and student/faculty use of the online classroom communication tools.
  • Collaborating with clients to develop instructional content; including online lecture materials in web-ready format, online slideshows, audio/visual presentations, etc.
  • Using of software/html to aid in the development of online content:
    1. Photoshop - produce illustrations and graphics for classroom use.
    2. Audio/Video editing software
    3. Captivate - create flash-based audio, video, and/or slideshow presentations
    4. HTML language - review code of classroom content
    5. WYSIWYG editors - convert existing classroom materials into web-ready format.
Academic Technology Support and Online Classroom System Maintenance:
  • Use of academic technology by providing clear explanations of technological concepts, and the use of academic software programs for classroom.
  • Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office products utilization.
  • Email and the internet, and ability to assist students/faculty in the use of both for classroom activity, research, and school-related communications.
  • Information system and how the data in that system relates to data in the online classroom system.
  • Understanding and implementation of security and privacy guidelines, including FERPA. HIPPA, SSL, etc.
  • Working knowledge of the online classroom administrative system, including the creation of new users, understanding the user rights associated with each role, understanding the process of duplicating courses each term.
  • Resolving problems and emergencies with hardware and software; assists in troubleshooting and resolution of software problems.
Web Development and Maintenance:
  • Developing and maintaining academic, health care, and company Web Sites.
  • Retrieving, preparing, and maintaining materials for availability on the World Wide World Web clients’ Web Sites.
  • Coordinating with administrating to obtain needed content, to provide drafts for review, and to obtain final approval of web site materials/design.
  • Editing, modifying, and reviewing the existing Web pages for accuracy.
  • Keeping abreast of current developments of the World Wide Web through continuing education, professional reading, listservs, participation in conferences, workshops and professional groups programming.
  • Develop and implement procedures for systems.
  • Updating information in all systems/documentation and inform our clients of all updates.
  • Shooting digital images for inclusion on the Web page as needed.
  • Designing, implementing, and maintaining Intranet systems for clients.
  • Planning, development, and implementation of network application software to meet company and client needs. Monitoring and responding to technical control facility hardware and software problems utilizing hardware and software testing tools and techniques. Interfacing with vendor support service groups to ensure proper escalation of outages or periods of degraded system performance.
  • IT facilities management including but not limited to network administration, system administration, user support, network security, office equipment support, purchasing, accurate systems documentation and asset tracking.
  • Leading and advising efforts to provide a reliable, efficient, and secure network through the analysis of best practices. Identifying, designing, implementing, and supporting Networking and Firewall technologies to help achieve business objectives with little direction. Applying expert networking technologies to solve complex problems, review, identify and resolve design issues, and proactively identify and resolve potential issues.
  • Making decisions with an in-depth understanding of the integration of all internal and external Networking Services, multiple technology implementations for a 7x24X365 hour environment, and providing Networking services for multiple client facilities including website development.
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